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304 stainless steel hairline sheet

304 stainless steel hairline sheet

304 stainless steel wire drawing board is the surface of the filamentous texture of stainless steel,

This is just a stainless steel processing technology. The surface is matte, carefully looking above the slightest texture, but can not touch out.

Than the general shiny stainless steel wear, looks more on the grade.

Surface appearance and the possibility of diversification; corrosion resistance is good, durable than ordinary steel good corrosion resistance; high strength, and thus the possibility of using a large sheet; high temperature oxidation and high strength, it can resist fire; temperature processing, That is easy plastic processing. Because no surface treatment, so simple, easy maintenance; clean, high finish; good welding performance.

1. dry grinding hairline

The most common on the market are filaments and short fibers, 304 stainless steel plate after processing such surfaces, showing good decorative effect, to meet the general requirements of decorative materials. In general, 304 series stainless steel can be formed in a good effect after scrub. Due to the low cost of such processing equipment, simple operation, low processing costs, wide range of applications, a processing center to become the necessary equipment.

Therefore, most of the processing centers can provide the matte of filament and short silk, of which 304 steel accounts for more than 80%.

2.oil mill hairline

304 family of stainless steel after the oil mill reflects the perfect decorative effect, widely used in elevators, appliances and other decorative panels. 304 stainless steel cold rolled generally can achieve good results in a matte pass, the market there are some machining centers can provide hot-rolled stainless steel oily frosting, the effect comparable with the cold-rolled oil mill. Oily drawing also has filament and short silk points. Elevator decoration generally use filament, and all kinds of small appliances, kitchen utensils have two lines of choice.

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