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Decoration in the stainless steel decorative panels and wall how to match

Modern environmental awareness are enhanced, so the home decoration is also very much attention to stainless steel decorative panels and wall decoration, that is on the decoration of stainless steel decorative panels with you know? The following by Xiaobian to tell you with a stable emotional effect of stainless steel decorative panels, often used to decorate the room. It has the same effect as visual contraction with blue,

In the room will not produce a sense of oppression, and this color will not produce the feeling of temperature difference, even if the use of a large number, there will be no cold feeling.

The most basic coloring method is to unify the natural colors. With a little dark tone can create a peaceful atmosphere.

In the room, with less turbidity, the more bright color for the color, feeling will be very fresh.

In order to contrast the bright colors of the wall, you can also use the black effect. However, if too much use of black will appear heavy,

So the trick is to disperse it. Mature, stable - this mix is very suitable for Asians aesthetic concept.

Stainless steel decorative plate decoration of the psychological role

Stainless steel decorative plate: the main theme of the forest, full of vitality, can make people think of new life, youth, health and eternal, but also fair, quiet, intelligent, humble symbol, it helps digestion and sedation, promote body balance, Moving and physical and mental pressure is very useful, natural green to overcome the syncope fatigue and negative emotions have a certain effect.

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