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How to put stainless steel decorative panels in the design of the exhibition hall

The design of the exhibition hall should have a strong visual appeal to the audience. Only when the audience will have interest and affinity for the booth, the stainless steel decorative plate will naturally enter the booth to visit, consult and even trade, and the excellent design booth will deepen the audience. Identification and memory, in this process regardless of whether the final agreement, exhibitors have achieved an effective information transmission.

How do stainless steel decorative panels highlight themselves in many booths to achieve good visual effects? The key depends on whether the design is different from other booths personalized, personalized design is not blindly pursue a special visual effects, and its implementation should be with the nature of the enterprise, product features, the direction of development, through all the visual elements out To convey the business philosophy and other information, here, corporate logo for enterprises to seek personalized booth design provides a wealth of design elements and basis, is the form of corporate brand, corporate logo generally by the "standard graphics", "standard color "," Standard font "of these three parts, regardless of which part of the design must be the nature of the enterprise, product features, business philosophy, entrepreneurial spirit as a design basis, only the enterprise logo to the basic spirit of the enterprise and the difference Fully expressed, so that the audience to identify and understand the enterprise, so the design of the exhibition in a reasonable and standardized use of corporate logo will be able to reflect the characteristics of the enterprise, but also to achieve distinctive features of the exhibition hall design stainless steel decorative effect.

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