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Is stainless steel not magnetic, stainless steel is not good? If the microstrip is magnetic, is it not 304?

Many  customers went to the market to buy stainless steel, with a small magnet  on their own. When they looked at the goods, they felt it was a good  stainless steel. Without magnetic, it will not rust. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

Stainless  steel belt is not determined by the organizational structure. The  solidification temperature of molten steel during the solidification  process will result in the formation of "ferritic", "austenitic" and  "martensitic" stainless steels with different microstructures. Ferritic "martensitic" stainless steels are magnetic. The  "austenitic" stainless steel has a combination of its mechanical  properties and good processability weldability, but only the "ferritic"  stainless steel with magnetic properties is stronger than the  "austenitic" stainless steel.

The so-called  200 series and 300 series stainless steels with high manganese content  and low nickel content that circulate in the market are not magnetic,  but their performance is very different from that of high nickel  containing 304. Instead, 304 undergoes stretching, annealing, polishing,  casting, etc. The process will also be  micro-magnetic, so it is a misunderstanding and unscientific to use  stainless steel tape to determine the quality of stainless steel without  magnetic.


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