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Mirror stainless steel plate in the elevator decoration industry has become a trend

The continuous progress of society brings us not only economic affluence, but also aesthetic improvement. Now large shopping malls, hotels and other public places, we can clearly see the color of the elevator is no longer so simple. Some of the elevator panels give the same feeling as a mirror, and some of the panels will have a pattern, giving a beautiful visual experience. This is the mirror stainless steel plate to do the effect of elevator decoration. The mirror stainless steel plate has a certain understanding of people will know that the principle of stainless steel plate is made of stainless steel plate with the first grinding fluid through the polishing equipment in the board after the polishing, so that the stainless steel plate surface more flat, and Brightness can be as clear as a mirror. 

Mirror stainless steel plate in the processing of the production process can be divided into grinding and grinding two kinds of processing methods, then the two processing technology produced by the stainless steel plate, which kind of mirror effect will be better? Mirror stainless steel surface to determine the brightness of the surface, the most important point is that the surface of the stainless steel plate grinding head and the trachoma must be less. In general, the stainless steel plate in the polishing equipment for processing time, the slower the speed of its progress, then the number of grinding the more, so that the effect of processing out of the stainless steel plate is the best. 

It should be noted that the stainless steel plate in the polishing equipment for processing, the first step must be on the plate sanding treatment, and then to the stainless steel plate into the grinding fluid. Which is to go through eight different thickness of the grinding head for grinding, grinding processing can also be said that the surface treatment of stainless steel plate, this process is no technical content can be said that the main steps of this step In order to remove the oxide layer on the surface of the stainless steel plate. After a series of above the processing process, the stainless steel plate can be washed and then dried. And color stainless steel mirror panel, then, is the mirror in the stainless steel plate on the basis of the vacuum plating process, and now a lot of high-grade color stainless steel mirror panels are used in vacuum ion plating technology in the stainless steel plate surface color processing.

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