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removal methods of the stainless steel stain

removal methods of the stainless steel stain

Now more and more stainless steel used in our lives, and stainless steel plate will be subjected to certain processing before use, inevitably appear in the processing of some dirt, the dirt can only make people clean in the process of enjoying Stainless steel to bring us the convenience. 304 stainless steel manufacturers here to tell you about the best way to remove stains of stainless steel, different methods of removing dirt are also different.

The dirt most likely to appear on stainless steel is the label or foil. And these dirt is non-essential, each of the stainless steel plate must be verified before production, after passing the verification will be affixed to it a label as a sign of compliance. In removing the label to bring the dirt when you need to use warm water and weak detergent to scrub, and some labels of very large viscosity at this time we can use alcohol for wiping.

In addition, the stainless steel plate can be contaminated with fat, oil or lubricating oil, then we can use a soft cloth or paper to dry and then use a neutral detergent to clean. Due to the fat, oil and lubricating oil pollution caused by relatively slippery, if the direct water to clean it is easy to make water attached to the top more difficult to clean, so first paper dry and then clean with detergent is the most effective method.

In addition, the stainless steel surface is still very vulnerable to fingerprints pollution, if the surface of stainless steel fingerprints pollution can use alcohol or organic solvents and then scrub with the help of a soft cloth until the fingerprints removed to a certain extent with water A full cleaning can be stainless steel back to the original pollution-free situation.

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