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Requirements for performance of stainless steel plates in construction industry

Stainless steel pipe in addition to ordinary steel as a structural material generally has a good mechanical and process performance, but also in the use of the environment under the rust corrosion, to maintain the appearance of fine excellent features, but also has acid, alkali, high stainless steel Pipe temperature, low temperature resistance, magnetic, wear and other functions of the excellent features. Stainless steel tubing has the following characteristics compared to other metal materials that have been widely used in construction. Stainless steel pipe

1) has a high specific strength and a specific stiffness. Specific strength and specific stiffness are two basic parameters of the material used in structural engineering. Specific strength refers to the ratio of strength to specific gravity, the high strength steel is 52, different types of stainless steel pipe in different heat treatment state of the specific strength in the range of 46 to 152, while the general use of aluminum alloy is 48, copper alloy 17, zinc alloy is 16.9. Specific stiffness is the elastic modulus of the material (Young's modulus) E and the proportion of the ratio of high-strength steel for the 25.5, ferritic stainless steel pipe is 25.6, austenitic stainless steel pipe 25.3, aluminum alloy 25.5, Copper alloy is 12.1, zinc alloy is 14.1, we can see that the stainless steel pipe is also the structure of "light material" one of the ideal material. Stainless steel tube plant

2) good high temperature strength and low temperature toughness. Compared with ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel pipe pipe is much better performance, and thus has a better fire performance, ordinary carbon steel at about 400 ℃ to lose its load-bearing function, and stainless steel pipe pipe can withstand the damage before the structure up to 700 ℃ high temperature, it is said that 9/11 incident collapsed by the crash of the US skyscrapers is due to a large number of aviation gasoline burning so that the temperature is too high lead to complete loss of load-bearing steel structure and collapse of the stainless steel pipe has a good impact toughness, Especially at low temperatures is much better than ordinary carbon steel, can guarantee the durability and safety of the building structure, when the steel structure subjected to external forces (such as collision, earthquake, etc.) and bending, the structural strength of stainless steel pipe becomes very high. Stainless steel tube manufacturers

3) good processing performance. Stainless steel plate pipe plasticity, good ductility, excellent molding ability, easy processing and molding, made of thin-walled components, and the molding can be strengthened at the same time, then the structural components in the processing of its comprehensive performance after the protection is even more important.

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