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stainless steel mirror 8K sheet production process

Stainless steel mirror 8K sheet production process

Stainless steel 8K sheet also known as: (mirror panel, mirror plate, mirror plate)

(1) Variety: single or double
(2) Luminosity: 6K, ordinary 8K, fine grinding 8K, 10K
(3) Production materials: Multi-select materials such as  201/304/316/430 2B, BA plate as the bottom plate, polishing with  polishing liquid on the surface of the stainless steel plate by  polishing equipment, so that the surface brightness of the plate is as  clear as a mirror.
(4) The deployment of slurry: water, nitric acid, iron powder to  reconcile by a certain percentage, the general ratio is adjusted well,  the higher the quality of the product made!
(5) Rough polishing: generally use the grinding wheel: 80#120#240#320#400#600# is sorted from coarse to fine,
(Note:  80# is the thickest.) This process is generally milled with clear  water. Generally, six groups of grinding machines are used, mainly to  remove rough surface, burrs, blisters, etc., with a certain depth,  probably within 2c. The surface is: fine sanding, has a certain degree of luminosity!
(6)  Fine polishing: As long as the wool felt is used, the higher the  density, the better. This process uses water, nitric acid and iron red  powder to grind. Generally, ten sets of grinding machines are used, and  there is no depth. The main purpose is to remove the surface oxide  layer, sand holes, Coarse grinding head flower (also known as: grinding head flower,  grinding head pattern) to improve light, highlighting the details.
(7) Washing and drying: This process is cleaned with water. The finer  the brush is, the better the water is. The cleaner the product is, and  then it is dried with a baking lamp!
(8) Quality inspection: check the brightness, how much dumbfounded,  whether there is peeling line, dark bone, scratching, whether the  product is deformed, and whether the grinding head flower is within the  control range, otherwise the product quality is not up to standard.
Paste protective film packing: This process is mainly for the  compliance of finished products, requirements: protective film must be  flat, can not miss the edge, cut neatly, and then you can pack packing!
(9)  Double-sided 8K board: The process is roughly the same. The difference  is that when grinding the front surface, the board with the same size is  used to prevent the back surface from being scratched, the front  surface is covered with a protective film, and the back surface of the  board is ground (process ibid). Stick the protective film and replace the dirty protective film on the front side. This is the finished product. Since the double-sided 8K is relatively single-sided: it is  time-consuming and costly, so the processing cost of double-sided 8K  boards on the market is about 3 times that of single-sided 8K.


8K Board Uses: Stainless Steel
8K board series products are widely used in architectural decoration,  stainless steel shower room, kitchen and toilet, electricity
Ladder decoration, industrial decoration, decoration and other decoration projects.

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