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Stainless steel plate processing of some of the three polishing methods

Because the stainless steel plate processing is required to go through a variety of special processing, so in the use of the process, can be more durable, and the surface is smooth, but also anti-corrosion.

Then the three kinds of stainless steel sheet polishing methods are common in those, polished stainless steel sheet is not only high brightness, and strong labor and no defects, different places is the environmental aspects of pollution, and gloss different.

1, electrochemical polishing: After electrochemical polishing, the gloss of stainless steel mirror will adhere to a longer time, the entire polishing process is relatively stable, and less pollution, small investment, the most important is the high anti-corrosion performance The This polishing technology is more suitable for mass production, so a wide range of applications in the advanced product industry, because the polishing process is stable, so the operation is relatively simple.

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