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Stainless steel processing technology

Stainless steel processing refers to the stainless steel with the performance of stainless steel shear, folding, bending, welding and other mechanical processing and ultimately the necessary industrial production of stainless steel products in the process of stainless steel processing needs a lot of machine tools, equipment, stainless steel processing equipment. Stainless steel processing equipment classification is divided into cutting equipment and surface treatment equipment, cutting equipment is divided into Kaiping equipment and sub-equipment. In addition, from the thickness of stainless steel to points, there are hot and cold rolling processing equipment points. Hot cutting equipment mainly plasma cutting, laser cutting, water cutting and so on.

Stainless steel surface finish

Original surface: NO.1 Hot-rolled surface subjected to heat treatment and pickling. Generally used for cold-rolled materials, industrial tanks, chemical industrial devices, thicker thick by 2.0MM-8.0MM.

Blunt surface: NO.2D cold after the heat treatment, pickling, the material is soft, the surface was silver white luster, for deep drawing processing, such as automotive components, water pipes and so on.

Matte: NO.2B After cold rolling by heat treatment, pickling, and then finishing the surface to make the surface of the bright light. As the surface is smooth, easy to re-grinding, so that the surface is more bright, widely used, such as tableware, building materials. With the improved surface finish of mechanical properties, almost all applications are met.

Coarse sand NO.3 with 100-120 grinding belt grinding out of the product. Has a better gloss, with a discontinuous coarse pattern. Used for building interior and exterior decoration materials, electrical products and kitchen equipment.

Fine sand: NO.4 Grinding out the product with particle size 150-180. Has a better gloss, with a discontinuous coarse grain, stripes than NO.3 fine. For the bath, the building inside and outside the decorative materials, electrical products, kitchen equipment and food equipment.

# 320 Grinding out the product with 320 grinding tape. Has a better gloss, with a discontinuous coarse pattern, stripes smaller than NO.4. For bath, building interior and exterior decoration materials, electrical products, kitchen equipment and food equipment.

Hairline HAIRLINE: HLNO.4 The abrasive pattern is produced by continuous grinding of the appropriate grain size abrasive belt (subdivision 150-320). Mainly used for building decoration, elevators, building doors, panels and so on.

Bright: BA is subjected to bright annealing after cold rolling and passed through flattened products. Excellent surface gloss, with high reflectivity. Like a mirror surface. For household appliances, mirrors, kitchen equipment, decorative materials

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