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stainless steel sink

The most widely used material in the kitchen sink is stainless steel. On the surface, whether it is a few hundred yuan sold online or one or two thousand yuan sold in a shopping mall, it is very beautiful and very subtle. Good and bad. It took tens of thousands of dollars to customize the high-end cabinets and the sinks that are sold together. After installation and use, slowly found that the surface of the sink is black, cleaning is not as convenient as when you just bought it. Every cleaning must be scrubbed with a steel ball. This in the end is why?

A sink processing technology: cold stretching technology and hot stretching technology

If you buy a stainless steel sink with low corrosion resistance, you are buying a hot drawing process sink. What almost no consumer knows is cold extrusion technology and hot stretching technology. Companies with cold stretching technology and equipment currently have no more than three brands worldwide. Almost 98% of the domestic water tank manufacturers are hot stretching technology, including the well-known domestic sink brand, and the production cost is low. So it is not surprising that consumers don't know.

1 Cold stretching: stainless steel sheets are not directly heated by high temperature, but are directly stamped and formed by a mold.

The stainless steel sink adopts a cold drawing process, which ensures that the physical structure of the steel is not damaged and maintains the original corrosion resistance. The stainless steel tank cast by the cold drawing process is processed at room temperature without changing the chemical properties of the steel plate; the coating is not required in the basin, and it is never corroded. It is only necessary to scrub with a cotton cloth for permanent use. Combining a finely brushed surface that has been polished multiple times is the best choice.

2 Hot stretching: The steel sheet is heated to a high temperature and red, and then cast.

When the stainless steel sink is overheated at high temperature, the stainless steel is quickly blackened, and during the quenching process, the physical structure of the stainless steel itself is destroyed, and other chemical elements are added to change the chemical composition of the stainless steel, and the corrosion resistance is greatly increased. Reduced. The toughness of the stainless steel plate after high temperature will be strengthened.

Why is the surface treatment of stainless steel sinks produced by the hot drawing process generally electroplated?

Because the steel plate is heated, the steel plate is dull and dull. Mercerizing is to directly draw on the surface of the board. If the drawing process is used, the sink looks dull. Only by plating and pearl surface, the brightness of the sink can be increased. Of course, it is easy to fall off when covered. The frosted surface of the sink (pearl matte silver surface) is treated by an oxidized coating formed by the surface treatment of the pot body by an electrolytic solution. When the coating is peeled off, the pot body is blackened and quickly corroded. It is conceivable that greasy dirt is attached to the surface and cleaning is inconvenient. Even worse, if the bacteria are not cleaned in the summer, the bacteria will breed immediately.

Two stainless steel

Mainly 304 stainless steel, 202 stainless steel, 201 stainless steel. The biggest difference between these three stainless steel materials is the difference in corrosion resistance, 304 is the best, 202 is slightly worse, 201 times, of course, the price difference is also huge.

1 304 stainless steel

304 stainless steel is the most widely used chromium-nickel stainless steel with good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties. Corrosion resistant in the atmosphere, suitable for processing, storage and transportation of food. With good processability and weldability, 304 stainless steel is a nationally recognized food grade stainless steel. 304 stainless steel is the best thickness of 1mm, while ordinary low-grade water tanks generally use materials with a thickness of 0.5mm-0.7mm.

2 202, 201 stainless steel is generally used in industrial tubes, decorative tubes and other products, difficult to distinguish with the naked eye.

Stainless steels of 201 and 202 are easy to rust in the coastal areas and are suitable for use in environments where there is no industrial pollution or air corrosion. The waterfront area is made of 304 stainless steel, which is resistant to seawater corrosion.

The stainless steel plate used in high-grade water tank is imported DDQ304 (18/10) type plate, characterized by demagnetization treatment, non-magnetic, 18% nickel content, 10% chromium content; low-grade water tank plate is generally used 202, some Even with 201, if you can take the magnet to pick up the sink, it must be a low-grade sheet.

Three welding and one-piece molding

The one-piece process is more difficult, so the price is higher. However, the thickness of the welded water tank steel plate is more uniform in terms of quality, so it is not said that the integrally formed water tank must be better than the welded one. Nowadays, the market is basically a one-piece sink, and everyone doesn't have to worry about it anymore.

Four accessories

“Inferior PVC pipes are easy to deform, and after the deformation, the water is blocked and returned to the smell!” The drainage of the sink is very smooth when the house is renovated, but it is completely different after using it for a while, not only the drainage speed is slow, but also often returns to the smell. There is leakage. In general, households are accustomed to washing items with hot water, which accelerates the aging and deformation of PVC, and eventually causes fouling and odor, affecting drainage and leakage.

Nowadays more and more sink designs are equipped with soap dispensers and tool holders, which seem to be fully functional, but to be honest these two functions are more ribbed and easy to clean.

Five faucets

When selecting, be sure to pay attention to whether the sink installation port and the faucet match. The faucet is placed too close to the edge of the double groove side and there is no faucet of the stretch design itself. In this way, when cleaning the items in the large trough, it is not smooth. Although the overall matching is very beautiful, the faucet becomes a display. The long handle of the faucet, although it is comfortable to use, will also cause some interference when cleaning items.

Most of the sinks are sold with faucets, and the quality and warranty of the faucets is also very important because the faucets are used frequently. Some potholes are sold without a faucet, and the faucet has to be paid extra. When buying, be sure to ask for the price.

Six "The style and size of the sink are not right, use awkward, not easy!"

When customizing the cabinets, the style and size of the sinks were not taken into account, so that there was a lot of space, and now only a small size sink can be placed.

The water tank should be kept at about 30 cm between the wall and the wall. The distance from the wall is very close. The big things can't be washed, and the arms often hit the wall.

Sinks and kitchen appliances are to be embedded in the cabinets. The style and size are best selected first. In this way, the cabinets and cabinet designers will be more precise and practical.

Seven "The basin design is unreasonable, splashing water, storing dirt, and draining slowly!"

It is more convenient to clean up, especially when cooking. However, the depth of the basin is not easy to splash, the corner is too small, the dirt is dirty, the slope is not good, the drainage is slow, and it is very uncomfortable! The brand sinks not only have different prices and services, but more differences are reflected in the process and details. The products selected by different materials, design capabilities, different production machines, and different operating procedures must be different, but this kind of difference is difficult to see with the naked eye, and can only be clearly seen after the actual use.

Eight "The flatness of the basin is not good, and the silica gel at the seam of the countertop is easy to crack, mold, and leak!"

Not long after the sink was installed, the place where the stainless steel and the countertop meet was cracked. Let the installer re-play the silicone, it doesn't work. Later it was found to be a problem with the sink itself, and the edge flatness was not good. Although it has been very careful in use, there are still mildew spots in the gap, leaking downwards, and even the countertops and cabinets of the cabinets are affected, and some are discolored and deformed.

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