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The performance of various Stainless Steel Sheets

Solid metal and alloy are crystal, that is, in its internal atoms are arranged according to certain rules, arranged in general there are three ways: body-centered cubic lattice structure, face-centered cubic lattice structure and dense hexagonal lattice structure.

The metal is composed of polycrystal, and its polycrystalline structure is formed during the crystallization of the metal. Iron composed of iron-carbon alloy has two lattice structures: 910 ℃ below is a body-centered cubic lattice structure of the α - iron, 910 ℃ above with a face-centered cubic lattice structure of the iron.

If the carbon atoms are squeezed into the lattice of iron and do not destroy the lattice structure of the iron, such a substance is called a solid solution. Carbon dissolved in α - iron in the formation of solid solution called ferrite, its ability to dissolve very low, the maximum solubility of not more than 0.02%. And carbon dissolved into the iron in the formation of solid solution is called austenite, its ability to dissolve the higher carbon, up to 2%.

Austenite is a high temperature phase of iron-carbon alloy. Steel at high temperatures formed by the austenite, supercooled to 727 ℃ below become unstable when the cold austenite.

Such as the great cooling rate of cold to 230 ℃ below, then the austenite carbon atoms have no proliferation possible, austenite will be directly converted into a carbon supersaturated α solid solution, known as martensite The

As the carbon content of supersaturation, caused by martensite strength and hardness, plasticity decreased, brittleness increased. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel is mainly from chromium.

Experiments show that only chromium content of more than 12% when the corrosion resistance of steel will be greatly improved, therefore, stainless steel plate in the chromium content is generally not less than 12%. Due to the increase in the amount of chromium, the steel has a great impact on the organization, when the chromium content is high and carbon content is very small, chromium will make carbon and carbon balance, the figure on the narrow phase, or even disappear, this stainless steel plate Ferrite structure, heating does not occur when the phase change, known as ferritic stainless steel plate.

When the chromium content is lower (but higher than 12%), carbon content is high, the alloy from the high temperature cooling, easy to form martensite, so that this type of steel for the martensitic stainless steel plate. Nickel can extend the phase zone so that the steel has austenitic structure. If the nickel content is enough, so that the steel at room temperature also has austenitic structure, said the steel is austenitic stainless steel sheet.

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