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Causes And Treatment Methods Of Surface Marks Caused By Stainless Steel

Surface trace phenomenon refers to the occurrence of wire-filled or dot-like pit mark defects on the surface of the product after deep processing of 304 stainless steel or processed products.

        Cause: There are foreign objects on the surface and the surface of the mold, and there are scars on the surface of the pressure pad.

        Countermeasure: Remove foreign matter, scars before processing, and remove orange peel by sufficient grinding.

        The orange peel phenomenon refers to a phenomenon in which a 304 stainless steel molded article has a shape like an orange peel in the case of grinding or other conditions.

        Reason: The grinding is not sufficient. The larger the processing, the more serious the orange peel, the coarser the raw material grains, and the heat treatment softens.

        Countermeasure: The deep-processed product is fully ground, and the suitable heat treatment conditions are selected to control the grain size of the raw material.

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