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Common Stainless Steel Surface Treatment Method

Commonly used stainless steel surface treatment technology has the following treatment methods:

Surface color whitening

Surface  color whitening treatment: stainless steel in the process of processing,  after coiling, tying, welding or artificial surface heating and heat  treatment, resulting in black oxide scale. This hard  gray-black oxide scale is mainly composed of NiCr2O4 and NiF EO4. In the  past, hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid were generally used for strong  etching.
However, this method is costly, pollutes the  environment, is harmful to the human body, and is highly corrosive and  is gradually being eliminated. Currently there are two main methods for treating oxide scales:
(1)  Sandblasting (pill) method: The method of spraying micro glass beads is  mainly used to remove the black oxide scale on the surface.
(2)  Chemical method: Use a non-polluting pickling passivation paste and a  non-toxic, non-toxic cleaning solution with inorganic additives. In order to achieve the purpose of the white color of stainless steel. After processing it basically looks like a dull color. This method is more suitable for large and complex products.

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