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Factors Affecting The Brightness Of High Temperature Resistant Stainless Steel Tubes After Annealing

The brightness of the high temperature resistant stainless steel tube after annealing determines the quality of the product. There are also many influencing factors. Here are a few examples.

1. Whether the annealing temperature reaches the specified temperature. Stainless steel heat treatment is generally carried out by solid solution heat treatment, which is commonly called "annealing", and the temperature range is 1040~1120 °C (Japanese standard). You can also observe through the observation hole of the annealing furnace. The high temperature resistant stainless steel tube in the annealing zone should be in an incandescent state, but no softening and sagging.

2. Annealing atmosphere. Generally, pure hydrogen is used as the annealing atmosphere, and the purity of the atmosphere is preferably 99.99% or more. If another part of the atmosphere is an inert gas, the purity can be lower, but it must not contain too much oxygen or water vapor, which requires the use of resistance. High temperature stainless steel tube.

3. Furnace sealability. The bright annealing furnace should be closed and isolated from the outside air; if hydrogen is used as the shielding gas, only one exhaust port is open (used to ignite the discharged hydrogen). The method of inspection can be applied to the gaps of the joints of the annealing furnace with soapy water to see if the gas is running. The most easy place to run the gas is the place where the annealing furnace enters the pipe and the place where the pipe is discharged. The sealing ring in this place is particularly prone to wear. Always check frequently to change.

4. Protect the gas pressure. In order to prevent micro-leakage, the protective gas in the furnace should maintain a certain positive pressure. If it is hydrogen protective gas, it generally requires more than 20kBar.

5. Water vapor in the furnace. On the one hand, check whether the furnace material is dry. When the furnace is installed for the first time, the furnace material must be dried. Second, whether the high temperature resistant stainless steel tube that enters the furnace has excessive water stains, especially if there is a hole in the high temperature resistant stainless steel tube. Don't leak into it, or else destroy the atmosphere of the stove.

It should be noted that this is basically the case. Normally, the high-temperature resistant stainless steel pipe that should be retracted after about 20 meters will start to light up.

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