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What Is The Role Of The Surface Oxide Film Of Stainless Steel Tube-stainless Steel Tube?

The relevant professionals have conducted research and analysis on the oxide film of the stainless steel grooved tube. From the research data, it can be seen that:

(1) The presence of a higher concentration of n-type semiconductor barriers in the oxide film is susceptible to pitting; in the oxide film with low pitting sensitivity, there is a higher concentration of p-type semiconductor barriers; indicating oxidation of p-type semiconductors High membrane stability;

(2) Pre-heat treatment by different temperatures, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel can be changed due to the change of the type of oxide film;

(3) It can be seen from the relationship between the pitting density and the anode conversion coefficient that the lower the aA of the oxide film (n-type), the higher the pitting corrosion sensitivity; the oxide film (p-type). The higher the pitting corrosion sensitivity.

Effect on the surface oxide surface finish of stainless steel grooved tube: It is generally believed that the smoother the surface, the harder it is to adhere to foreign matter, and the less chance of pitting corrosion. The relevant personnel also confirmed the Cr/Fe value in the film formed on the surface of electrolytic polishing. The largest, and the rough machined surface of the film has the smallest Cr/Fe value. From the relationship between the pitting potential of i8Cr-8Ni and 1 SCr-8Ni-Mo stainless steel and the surface processing method, the two steel surfaces are shot peened. The pitting potential is lower than the pitting potential of the machined surface. The pickling surface is better, although the number of pits on the pickling surface is increased, but the depth of the pit is not as sharp as the polished surface, and the corrosion rate of various surface-treated stainless steel grooved tubes in seawater is compared.

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