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Why Does The Stainless Steel Tube Not Rust And The Iron Tube Is Easy To Rust?

Before we understand why stainless steel pipes do not rust, we must first know what is a stainless steel pipe? Stainless steel pipes are steel pipes that do not produce rust in weak corrosive media such as the atmosphere and fresh water. Acid-resistant steel pipes: Corrosion-resistant steels in harsh corrosive media such as acids, alkalis, salt and seawater (since the acid-resistant steels in stainless steel pipes contain sufficient chromium, they are also rust-free in both atmospheric and fresh water). .

Secondly, we should understand why iron pipes rust. It is well known that in metals existing in nature, except for precious metals such as gold and platinum, which exist in the state of free metals, other metals, such as iron, are magnetite and brown in nature. The form of iron ore is very stable. However, by turning iron ore into steel by metallurgy, the steel has changed from a stable state of iron oxide ore to an unstable state. Everything in nature has a strong tendency to return from an unstable state to a stable state. This is the law of nature. The rust of steel in the atmosphere is a natural reflection of this return phenomenon. Rusting is the action of iron in the steel and the atmosphere, forming Fe2+ and Fe3+ on the surface without protective loose and easy to peel off iron-rich oxides and oxyhydrogenates, that is, the steel has changed back to the ore. The rust of iron is an ionization process in which iron changes from metal to Fe3+ in the atmosphere, which is a typical corrosion phenomenon. In order to prevent rust and corrosion of steel, people only think that measures such as surface painting are adopted to prevent the atmosphere from coming into contact with steel. Once the paint is damaged, the steel will continue to rust.

The early rusting of stainless steel pipes was once considered a "magic" phenomenon, but after long-term research and practice, people have a clear understanding of this: stainless steel rustless steel and steel rust Belong to the same natural phenomenon. It is found that with the increase of chromium content in steel, the corrosion resistance of steel increases. When the chromium content in steel is ≥12%, there is a sudden change in corrosion resistance in the atmosphere. Steel is resistant to corrosion and corrosion. To transition from activation to passivation, transition from the activated state to passivating titanium. In layman's terms, the passivation state is actually a slow response, that is, an insensitive state, between the stainless steel tube and the surrounding corrosive medium.

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